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Postpartum Care

Postpartum, also called the 4th trimester, is the time after a mother gives birth. It is a magical transformation where the woman, becomes a first time mother, or new mother to more children. Every woman has a unique pregnancy and birth story. What they have in common is the ability to receive nourishment, and replenish themselves after birth, so they can continue motherhood with a sense of independence, strength, and long-lasting health.


How is this achievable in our modern world, where the role of mother has become a place of nurturing for everyone except for herself? Mother’s are offered many ways to care for themselves during pregnancy, but when the baby arrives, attention is solely focused on the child. Why not smother the mother with just as much love, care and attention as the baby receives? Birth is beautiful and strong, but it also depletes the mother physically and emotionally. With my counsel I can advise women to rebuild themselves, so they can feel confident and strong in their mind, body and spirit.


I use Post-Partum Care with Ayurvedic principles to physically and emotionally support your transition from pregnancy to motherhood.  The Ayurvedic Post-Partum packages I have created will be specifically tailored to your  needs to allow you to heal and become the mother you envision yourself to be.


No matter how your life looks, no matter how you want to mother your children, you deserve care and a nurturing environment after birth.

All postpartum services are tailored towards your desires. Each service will be finalized in our introduction consultation.


Postpartum Ayurvedic Inspired Services Include:


Ayurvedic Consultation

This consultation will determine your doshas, to tailor the services even more detailed to you. 


Ayurvedic Home Cooked Meals

Twice a week, I will fill your fridge, body, and soul with nourishing, warm meals that will help you recover from birth with ease. These meals allow you time with yourself and your family, without the adding stress of preparing meals. The meals are specific to postpartum healing and your Ayurvedic doshas.


2 Home Visits a Week


On the days I deliver the meals, I offer additional services to aid with your postpartum healing. Home visits are each two hours, and the services provided on those days will be decided during our consultation


Mini Ayurvedic Massages for Mom

Massages are done with warm oil to encourage the healing of the organs, skin, and emotional and mental fatigue, incorporating special techniques specifically for postpartum care. 


Ayurvedic Baby Massage

This massage will help your newborn transition from womb to world, improve their sleep, and tone their bones, organs, and muscles. I will also teach you how to massage your newborn. It’s a beautiful bonding experience for you and baby, and for you to teach your partner or loved ones, so you can all bond together. 


Child Care for Newborn

So you can do have time for yourself.


Yoga and Meditation Private Class

personalized ​yoga flow and meditation. 

Emotional Support

I’m here to help you create a loving environment for yourself, your newborn, and your family.

Private Workshops

Private lesson 200 NIS
A group of 3+ 150 NIS
Lessons can be done in person or online

The lesson includes in-depth step-by-step instructions for the massage. The do's and don'ts of baby massage.

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