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Consultations are a way for me to learn & understand your symptoms and how to help you balance them. You come to the sessions with the issues you want to address and heal. I go through a detailed history to investigate your current symptoms, in order to diagnose & create a plan of healing through Ayurvedic protocols. The protocols include change  and adjustment in your food & lifestyle. The main piece is for me to help you connect what you're experiencing emotionally and how it's manifesting in your physical body. This awareness gives you a lot of knowledge to move forward in your life. 


I work long term with clients so they receive the best results in their changes and healing. 
We work together for a minimum of 3 months combining consultations & Ayurvedic massage treatments. 
The first consultation is  80 minutes and follow ups are 50 minutes. The first session I take a full history of your health, and the follow ups we continue going deeper into healing the root cause. 

The client will learn how to begin healing using Ayurvedic methods of food, lifestyle, and herbal medicines.



Why do people come?


 Because Ayurveda is holistic,  Ayurveda is not limited to help healing any symptom or diseases. Some patients come to get a better understanding of themselves and how to support their health and mind using food, lifestyle, & emotional awareness.

Patients have come to me with:
Chronic pain in the body
Mental & emotional distress
Issues with menstruation (pain, PCOS, etc)
Fertility issues
Anxiety, depression
Sleep issues
Auto-immune diseases

Emotional trauma

Sexual trauma

Skin & hair issues (eczema, psoriasis, alopecia)

Self-sabotaging areas in their life (relationships, jobs, etc)



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