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My personal discovery of Ayurveda started 10 years ago when I was a college undergraduate and simultaneously studying yoga. At this point in my life I was physically and emotionally ill. I did not feel well, I had no sense of a life- balance or well-being, and I was constantly thinking about it.


During my yoga teacher training, at an ashram, I decided to book an Ayurveda consultation and massage, without knowing what it would entail.  During my treatments, I felt as if the therapist spoke my language. I finally found something and someone who could understand me.


My world, with me in it, began to make sense.


Since that day, everything I have done and studied has been in pursuit of Ayurveda. My life is dedicated to the teaching of Ayurveda and through learning and loving the practice, I have found ways for others to discover their own connections. Utilizing this ancient medicine and adapting it to individuals in our modern world may seem counterintuitive but it makes more sense than ever before. 


I invite you to reach out with any questions or concerns you have, so we can discuss strategies that will help you find balance and harmony in whatever you do, with the beautiful and intelligent tools Ayurveda provides.


Ayurvedic Pancabhautik Training, Dr. Kedar Shende 2019

Ayurveda Therapist, Ami Rayne and Yael Rayne, Israel 2016-2018

Clinical Internship Program SDM College & Hospital of Ayurveda ,India 

Ayurveda Therapist, Dr. Light Miller and Dr. Brian Miller, USA 2015-2016

Mentored under Dr. Light Miller 2014-2015 


200 hour YTT Mystik Roots Yoga Shala with Amelia Maynard 2019

200 hour YTT Inner Peace Yoga Sivananda 2011

Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

Reiki Master Melissa Nagrocki 2016

Reiki Master Rev. Linda Raphael 2014

B.A. Linguistics and Anthropology 2011-2015

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